Divemaster internship - What is a typical day like, becoming a Divemaster in Central America 

What will i do During the PADI DIVEMASTER COURSE?

There really is no typical day, every day will bring new experiences and you will meet new people and marine creatures, but there is of course some kind of schedule.

The video above really is a pretty accurate depiction of what a day is like.

We start the day 8am, there is always a pot of good Honduran coffee brewed and waiting.  Between 8am and 9am we will be put the final polish on our planning of the day’s activities. Who is doing what with whom very often needs a slight change last minute. This may be because a customer we expected has not shown up, or the weather forecast got it wrong.

Divemaster internship course student preparing the dive boat for a days diving.

Divemaster internship course student preparing the dive boat for a days diving.

Getting the morning two tank trip out (tanking the boat, equipping customers and making sure the safety equipment is working and on board) is the main priority. The entire staff usually works to get this boat out on time with happy customers who have been looked after and feel prepared. On the morning boats we will usually have a mixed group of certified divers fun diving, and Advanced students taking courses.

After the two tank trip leaves the students start to arrive, we need to organize them with either classroom or confined water activities. There is also usually a few things left to sort out from the morning rush. These students will usually be going out on the two afternoon boats.

The two tank trip returns between 12pm and 12.30pm, we have to get the tanks off the boat and reload with tanks for the 1pm dive trip. We also need to make sure the equipment coming off the morning boat is rinsed and hung to dry. Divemaster interns assist customers, they don't do it for them! In many full service resorts, the customers have their gear set up and waiting for them on the boat, and the staff then unload, rinse and stow their gear after they are done diving. We prefer people to take responsibility for their own equipment. So the good news is, you as a DMT won't be spending your life assembling disassembling and cleaning other peoples gear!

Customers will also be needing help getting equipment and getting on to the 1pm boat.  There will be 2-3 divemaster interns on this boat and they will help the outgoing divers while the divemaster interns on the morning boat help the incoming divers. If students are on the boat, the interns assisting that particular course will be assisting them.

Filling and moving tanks....all in a days work

The next boat switch is 2.30pm when the boat comes back from the 1pm dive for fast turnaround. Tanks on and off, with a few customer switches to take care of.

4pm the last dive boat comes back (unless there is a night dive of course!) now is the time to get the gear away and relax on the deck socializing with new found friends over a cool beer or fresh cut coconut.

This schedule looks busy with just one boat we running, we regularly have to run more than one.  To sum up a day in life of a PADI Pro, we have a lot of laughs, a lot of bubbles, and a whole load of new found friends to share the fun with at the end of every day.