When can I start?

Choosing your start date

Divemaster internship planning board

We do not have any fixed course dates for the Divemaster course. You can start the course whenever you are ready. If you are not yet Rescue certified you will need to do reach this level first, which you can do here with us.

The key thing to consider is that the Instructor Course DOES have fixed dates, based on the PADI Instructor exam schedule. So if you are planning on doing DM and instructor you want to time your departure date to ensure you can do the exam.  Even if you are not currently considering instructor, you may change your mind while you are here! The Instructor course dates can be found here. Book your flight to leave the Saturday or Sunday after the Instructor Exam, as the dates can sometimes move back a day or two. You may well want to leave 7-10 days after the instructor exam date so that you can do some specialty instructor training after the exam.  This will allow you to reach Master Scuba Diver Trainer level much more quickly.

In summary if you want to do DM and Instructor, or think this is a possibility, arrive at least six weeks before the IDC start date and book your departure date approx 10 days after the Instructor Exam date.