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Coconut Tree Divers is not the biggest dive shop in the Caribbean or even Roatan for that matter, but it is one of the most established. It is well known for the quality of the instruction provided at all levels. With Coconut Tree Divers listed on your dive resume, you will benefit from the instant credibility that is synonymous with our name.

OUR TEAM of instructors

PADI Platinum Course Director William Welbourn receiving one of his platinum awards at DEMA in Las Vegas

Our experienced PADI Course Director, Will Welbourn has been diving since 1989. He made Roatan his home in 2003 and has been teaching the IDC here in the Bay Islands since 2008. In his time as a course director, he has trained hundreds of instructors with a 100% pass rate. PADI have awarded him multiple Platinum Awards for excellence in training. No other course director on Roatan has been teaching the IDC longer than Will.

PADI Course Platinum Course Director

The single most important thing to consider when choosing a dive shop is the people you will learning from. We work hard making sure we have the perfect mix of personalities and experience in our crew. You will benefit from working with multiple different instructors during your training with us. Our dive team come from many different countries, have a huge depth of experience, having dived all over the world and speak a number of different languages, although all are fluent in English.

We are the only Roatan dive shop to have technical instructors qualified to train to Tec instructor level. Technical diving may not be something you are interested in, but to see some aspects of what is involved, if only from observation makes you a more rounded knowledgeable dive pro. Who knows, you may want to give it a try!


Roatan, Half Moon Bay, Honduras

The success of our dive shop is in part down to our fantastic location, centrally placed on the beach in Half Moon Bay, West End. We are one of the few West End dive shops that have our own private dock and are actually located on the beach. This allows us to use comfortable, stable, reasonably large, covered dive boats. This not only makes our recreational dive customers experience better, it makes the job of the dive pros on the boats far easier.

As someone who will be spending at least six weeks training with us location is arguably even more important. The vast majority of Roatan's scuba instructors and divemasters live in West End, regardless of where they are working or taking their training.  This is because the West End is the most affordable and pleasant area to live in.  It has a good selection of bars and restaurants to suit all budgets.  It has a lovely beach and plenty of shops for your basic every day needs. If you choose to your course with us you will not be having to get a Taxi or bus to and from work every day. We have accommodation just four minutes walk from the dive center.


ECO Conscious


We take conservation seriously. Will was one of the founding directors of Roatan marine park . Their organizational ability and commitment to conservation allowed a small, grass roots effort to conserve our reef, become a successful internationally recognized NGO. During your training with us, you will get ample opportunity to get involved and help out with both the marine park activities and other ad hoc conservation projects that may be happening at the time.

Why Roatan?

Roatan, The Bay Islands, Honduras

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A Pros Life

A Day in the life of a PADI Instructor

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