1.      Using the RDP Table. What is the maximum time allowable for a second dive to 58ft if my first dive was to 63ft for 40 minutes followed by a 45min surface interval? If you wanted to do a 45 minute second dive, what would my surface interval have to be?

a. 28mins max time, 2hr 42 mins SI

b. 28mins max time, 45 mins SI

c. 30mins max time, 2hr 39 mins SI

d. 30mins max time, 1hr 54 mins SI


2.      Using the RDP Table. What is the minimum surface interval required between a dive to 50ft for 71 minutes and a dive to 50ft for 55 minutes?

a. 1hr 6min

b. 1hr 13min

c. 1hr 10min

d. 1hr 16min

3. What is your pressure group after the following dives. 1st dive 52ft for 54 mins. SI 45 mins. 2nd dive 48ft for 40 mins. SI 80 mins. 3rd dive 44ft for 45 mins. If you then wish to do a 44ft dive for 45mins. What would your minimum surface interval be?

a. 48 mins

b. 50 mins

c. 60 mins

d.180 mins

4.      How long will it take from the start of the first dive to end of the last dive to complete the following series of dives. Assume you take the minimum required surface interval between each dive. You can ignore ascent and descent times, but not REQUIRED safety stops. The dives you wish to do are: 60ft for 49 minutes, 80ft for 25 minutes, and 50ft for 55 minutes. 

a. 360

b. 347

c. 353

d. 350

5. You plan to do two ice dives. The first to 60ft for 39 minutes, the second to 60ft for 20 minutes. What is the minimum surface interval required between these two dives?

a. 8 Mins

b. 54 Mins

c. 42 Mins

d. 32 Mins

6. You plan to dive to 60ft for 50 minutes followed by a 2 hour surface interval. What is the  maximum depth you can dive to if you wish to do a second dive of 25 minutes?

a. 80ft

b. 70ft

c. 60ft

d. 50ft

7. After ending a dive in pressure group S. You plan to take a 45 minute surface interval. You then want to do a second dive to 43ft. How long could you spend at this depth?

a. 100 mins

b. 49 mins

c. 55 mins

d. 20 mins

8. You plan 3 dives. 60ft for 55 mins, 50ft for 30 mins and 40ft for 60 mins. Taking the minimum Surface Interval between dives, how long would it take to complete all 3 dives? Don’t forget required safety stops, but ignore ascent and descent time.

a. 268

b. 218


c. 197

9. You start a dive to 40ft for 55 mins in pressure group Q. You want to do another dive to 40 ft for 40 mins. If you take the minimum allowable Surface Interval considering all RDP rules, what will your ending PG be?

a. Z

b. S

c. P

d. L

10. What is the maximum depth for a 63 minute dive following  a dive to 41ft for 45mins and a surface interval of 2 hours?

a. 60ft

b. 50ft

c. 41ft

d. 35ft