IDC Physics Quick Quiz 2 Answers

1.      A balloon with a volume of 7 Ltrs is taken from a depth of 23m to a depth of 33m salt water. What will the approximate volume of the balloon be at this new depth?

a.      5.4 Ltrs

b.      4.9 Ltrs

c.      9.1 Ltrs

d.      6.2 Ltrs


2.      A diver consumes 20 Ltrs of air per minute at a depth of 7m. Approximately how many Ltrs of air would they consume at a depth of 42m? They are in salt water.

a.      61 Ltrs

b.      6.5 Ltrs

c.      149 Ltrs

d.      8 Ltrs


3.      A diver breathes through 200 psi of air per minute at a depth of 92m. Approximately how many psi will they breathe through at 11m in salt water?

a.      46 psi

b.      41 psi

c.      22 psi

d.      9 psi


4.      If it takes a diver 25 minutes to reach their reserve at a depth of 39m. How long would it take the same diver to reach their reserve at 18m?

a.      14 mins

b.      35 mins

c.      54 mins

d.      44 mins


5.      You fill 25% of an open bottomed container with air at a depth of 46m salt water. As you take it to a depth of 6m, will the air expand to the point it bubbles out of the bottom?

a.      Yes

b.      No


6.      A diver consumes 50% of their total air supply for the dive, at a depth of 36m in 10 minutes. What percentage of their total air supply for the dive will they consume in 10 minutes at their next level, which is 13m?

a.      The answer cannot be determined

b.      25%

c.      18%

d.      15%