$300 round trip to Roatan? Here is a good trick to fly AA to Roatan for less.

Here is a great way to fly to Roatan for half the price the flights are often quoted at from Miami and Dallas.

Booking flights on American Airlines through the British Airways website can save you a load of money! They are also date changeable for a small fee.

Here is how to do it.

Firstly you have to be a member of the British Airways Executive Club, if you are not, no problem you can become a member for free.

You then need some AVIOS (miles) you can buy them on the BA website or through third-party sellers. Before you do that it would be wise to check that the flight you want is available as a reward flight.

You can also transfer hotel rewards such as IHG points to Avios. If you have an Amex card with points you may be able to turn them into Avios.

5000 Avios plus 130GBP Return from Miami to Roatan. The cost of purchasing 5000 Avios is under 100gbp. If you get them at the sale price they could be less than 68gbp. So a total of just over 200gbp for a return from Miami to Roatan. That is around 300usd. Given that flights with AA to Roatan are often  over $800 this is quite a saving!

When you do the AVIOS search on the BA Executive Club website, you need to search Saturday to Saturday. When you type in MIA as the departure airport it will recognize it and auto fill. When you type in the destination airport type RTB, it won't recognize it but don't worry the search will work.That is the only day of the week they currently fly. But at certain times of the year, Wednesdays also become available.

The search will not work if you look at any departure airport other than DFW or MIA.

It much more expensive if you search from Roatan to the USA.

Reward flights are pretty limited. They tend to become available about 5 months in advance and sell out quickly. They also often seem to become available again close to departure date.