Bay Islands IDC

The Bay Islands is one of the most popular areas in the world to become a dive instructor. Why?

The cost of living in the Bay Islands is low. Roatan and Utila both have plenty of options for both accommodation and food that suit people on a budget. Roatan is a much larger island, that is far easier to get to, as a result it also hace plenty of more luxurious options as well. This sometimes give Roatan the reputation of being more expensive. It isn't, it just had a wider range of accommodation and restaurant options.

Most people visiting the Bay Islands will choose one of the direct flights to Roatan International Airport from Dallas, Miami, Houston, Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta or Grand Cayman. There are also flight to mainland San Pedro which tend to be cheaper, but require an internal connection, either by air or bus and boat.

The water conditions are just perfect for learning to dive, or learning to teach scuba diving through the PADI IDC. The water is warm, clear and calm. The reef is healthy an stunning dive sites are a matter of minutes boat ride from the shore.

If you are thinking of becoming a scuba instructor, look no further than the Bay Islands of Honduras for your IDC.