travel to honduras

The best card to use when traveling, i just found it!

I recently got a  Revolut card and its pretty amazing.

You download the app and set up an account, then you get a visa card sent to you through the post. Why is it so amazing?

There are a few reasons:

1) The exchange rate you get using it abroad is better than anyone else, exchange rates similar to the ones you find on

2) No foreign transaction fees in ATMs or normal spending

3) The best thing is that you can use the app and your phone to freeze and unfreeze the card protecting you from card cloning, it also uses your phone location to only allow transactions in the same country you are in.

4) You can use it like a bank account and make transfers to people in any country with no fees

It costs nothing to get and you can easily load money onto it from any other card or bank account you have using the app. If you are traveling abroad, don't go without a Revolut card.