PADI Divemaster and Instructor Exam Recreational Dive Planner

This is one that can really only be shown. So here are a few videos showing the basic use of the ERDPml. The most important thing to learn from these videos is the use of a diagram. If you use a diagram to illistrate what the question is asking, the rest should be easy.

There is a practice 10 question quiz at the bottom of the page.

More extensive quizzes and tutorials on decompression theory, halftimes, m-values etc can be found in the Instructor Candidate Area. Finding an IDC center with online tools as extensive as ours is not possible. Sign up for your IDC today.

Video 1 - The basic Dive Planning functionality.

Video 2 - The Surface interval mode


Video 3 - Questions about repetitive dive planning

Video 4 - Questions about surface intervals and repetitive dives.

Video 5 - Planning Multilevel dives.

Quiz 1

Quiz 2